Chassis design

The frame of the FWS1000 was typical of the TT-F1 era. It is a wide perimeter twin loop ‘diamond’ style made from steel tube. Constructing a replica from the available photos seems a straightforward enough process until you begin to delve into the intricacies of motorcycle chassis design.

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Bodywork parts completed!

By the time the plugs and moulds were completed we were thoroughly fibreglass fatigued! So therefore, we treated ourselves to a break from the fibres and fumes and outsourced the manufacturing of the laminates to a specialist fibreglass company in Sydney. But then, just when you think you’ve covered it all…

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First post

Hello everyone and welcome to the site. The aim of this site is to document our project which is to construct a replica of the 1982 Honda RS1000RW (FWS1000) TT-F1 racing motorcycle. Blog articles are listed below with the most recent being uppermost.

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