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The carburettors for this project will use the standard 36mm CV Keihin oem units found on the Honda VF1000F/R road bike models. They came to us looking very tired, rusty and crusty…

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Trying to maintain the authenticity of appearance with the original FWS1000 is a key pillar of this project. This drove our decision to use Honda’s venerable Comstar wheel design. Being destined for the racetracks of the 21st century the original wheel diameters of 16″ front and 18″ rear were not going to be suitable. Therefore 17″ front and rear they must be in order to avail ouselves of the latest rubber.

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Chassis Contruction Completed

With the main frame completed it was time to turn our attention to the subframe. The tubes of the subframe wrap tightly around the rear cylinder head particularly on the left hand side and form the upper mount for the rear shock and seat unit. Bending the tubes and arranging the fixturing was quite a tricky set up.

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