Trying to maintain the authenticity of appearance with the original FWS1000 is a key pillar of this project. This drove our decision to use Honda’s venerable Comstar wheel design. Being destined for the racetracks of the 21st century the original wheel diameters of 16″ front and 18″ rear were not going to be suitable. Therefore 17″ front and rear they must be in order to avail ouselves of the latest rubber.

Wheel diameters had to be matched to appropriate widths as well. As it happens the Honda VF1000R road bike had a 17″ x 3.5″ rear rim. The rim section of this wheel is an ideal candidate as a modern day front rim. However, there are no 5″ wide rear Comstars available to our knowledge. A 5″ wide rim is the maximum allowed under local regulations.

In order to create the sizes needed we sourced a rear VF1000R rim to provide the correct rim for the front along with the required struts/spokes. An additional wheel was sourced to provide the struts for the rear wheel. Both wheels needed custom hubs to be designed and manufactured and a custom 5″ rear rim was also required to be manufactured.

The rear rim halves were supplied to our specification by a local wheel spinning company. The halves were then fitted up a to machined centre section and welded together. The centre section was then machined to the final profile featuring all the mounting points and valve stem hole. The rims were then sent away for heat treatment and truing.

In the meantime the front and rear hubs, cush drives, sprocket carriers, disc rotor carriers and centres were machined.

Period correct disc rotors were supplied by a brake manufacturer from our drawings and specifications.

Upon completion of the fabrication of all the parts a trail fit up was undertaken and when we were happy with the outcome the parts were sent off for refinishing in a combination of anodising, replating painting and polishing.

Once all the parts had been refinished they were assembled and declared ready to roll.

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