The Cockpit

Simpler times meant simpler cockpits. Unlike today’s electronic marvels all the rider had in 1982 for information was RPM and water temperature.

Sourcing the rare Nippon Seiki instruments typically found on pukka HRC racing bikes was prohibitively expensive. To replicate something that closely resembles the original FWS cockpit we chose the 1994 Fireblade instrument cluster. The speedo was a separate component that could be removed and the back cover trimmed to suit. A mounting bracket was designed and machined to suit.

We thought it’d be a good idea to have a spare set of instruments so we sourced a second set of gauges. This set was from a 1993 Fireblade so we assumed the back cover would be the same…wrong! The gauges looked the same from the front but the rear mounting was completely different. Since we had already machined two mounting brackets and also that these instrument sets were a bit thin on the ground we decided to keep the ’93 instruments and print a new back cover that would suit the existing mounting bracket.

And as a final finishing touch to make the cluster look a little more like the original, the needles were trimmed behind the central roundel and painted white.

2 thoughts on “The Cockpit

  1. tigcraft

    I have built a few racing bikes myself. Your project is fabulous. So interesting in this “turnkey” World. All the Best.



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