The carburettors for this project will use the standard 36mm CV Keihin oem units found on the Honda VF1000F/R road bike models. They came to us looking very tired, rusty and crusty…

They were stripped down, cleaned and inspected. Rusty hardware was replated and the alloy bodies sent off for vapour blasting.

After reassembly they looked as good as new.

Anyone familar with the early generation Honda V-Four knows how tightly packed the carbs are inside the vee of the engine. Seeing as this project is destined for the race track jetting changes will be common practice and with the limited space afforded by these carbs it was not going to be a quick nor easy task.

Honda themselves must’ve realised this same conundrum so they fitted plugs to the fuel bowls and caps on the vacuum chambers to make jetting and needle changes easier. Similar features were then standardised on the limited production VFR750R (RC30) model.

Such parts aren’t available for our carburettors so we designed and fabricated our own parts to feature the same access ports.

Fitting the standard production VF1000 airbox was not an option. It was too bulky for the space available. In order to fit the smaller frame and fuel tank of the FWS project bike we designed our own airbox and filter mount. We used a flat panel filter element that is specified for a modern litre bike producing over 190hp. That would be more than enough flow for this engine. The airbox needed to fit atop the existing plenum and it’s complex flange. My recently acquired 3D printer would be perfect for this type of task. After some initial trial fit ups in PLA a final design was arrived at and printed in ASA filament.

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