The exhaust system of the FWS1000 comprises of two 2 into 1 sub-systems where each bank of the V-Four has it’s own 2 into 1 system. Due to the layout of the engine each system has to take a torturous path and snake it’s way around the chassis and bodywork which was quite the challenge to fabricate.

We started off by purchasing a number of exhaust bends, donuts and aluminium sleeves for the mufflers and started with placing the mufflers in their finished location and fabricating the collectors.

After studying the many photographs we had on hand the process continued by determining the paths for the exhaust runners, bend angles and lengths.

When we were happy with the positioning of all the bits and pieces after lots and lots of cutting, grinding and dressing they were tacked into place.

The pictures don’t convey it well but the packaging of this bike is so tight everything had to fit with millimeter precision for the exhaust to clear features like the radiator, oil filter, fairings etc.

Once we were happy with the form and fit we sent the finished pieces away for ceramic coating mainly for reducing heat convection to other close fitting parts and for corrosion prevention.

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